Key information and Registration

How do I register at Massivemov?
Just click on the “New at Massivemov?” button in the upper right hand corner of the platform homepage and fill in the requested data.
Who can use Massivemov?

Anybody of any age or nationality. However, project creation and support is restricted to people above 18 years old.

What should I do to register as a company or organization?

It is only necessary to select the field “Company” when filling in the user details.

What projects are eligible?
Projects that fall into categories of product/service or artistic, have the objective of creating value for the society and follow our Guidelines.
Non-eligible projects
  • projects that provide incomplete answers to the questions posed by Massivemov;
  • politically related projects or connected to ideological or religious movements;
  • projects that present a racist, violent, abusive and/or calumnious content or purpose, that incite discrimination;
  • projects that undermine the physical or material integrity of the promoter or his supporters;
  • projects which present parts of works protected under intellectual property without previous consent;
  • Personal projects;
  • Charity or cause projects;
  • projects that already exist or were subsequently created in other crowdfunding sites.
If any of these situations occurs, Massivemov reserves itself the right to block the project running on the platform.
What is a Social Entrepreneur project?
It is a project that implements the process of pursuing innovative solutions to social problems. More specifically, projects of social entrepreneurs that adopt a mission to create and sustain social value. They relentlessly pursue opportunities to serve this mission, while continuously adapting and learning. Social entrepreneurs hold themselves accountable for achieving the social mission and use resources wisely. They draw upon the best thinking in both the business and nonprofit worlds of organizations: large and small; new and old; nonprofit, for-profit, and hybrid to maximize “social value”.
Thus, this projects at Massivemov must follow the same rules as all other projects.
How can I cancel my account at Massivemov?

Click “Cancel my Account” in the account profile and you will receive an automatic email of reply confirming the instruction.

To support a project

How to support a project?
  • Go to the project page;
  • Click on “Support this Project!”;
  • Below this button are all levels of support and the respective rewards;
  • Select the amount of support and pay (Paypal only).
How does payment work?
When you decide to back a project and select the amount you would like to pledge, you are automatically directed to the PayPal webpage: If you already have a PayPal account, proceed with the login. The information on the promoter account, the amount of the support to be transferred and the pre-payment date will appear on the screen, then you have to a approve. If do you not have a PayPal account yet, you can create an account free of charges at The supporters funds are transferred directly from their account to the project creator account, in a maximum period of 30 days after the time limit expires.
What information does the promoter have access to if I back the project?

The promoter will have access to your username registered at Massivemov, to the amount of your support and to the reward amount you will be entitled to.

My support will be shown publicly?
No. The promoter will be the only person to have access to that information.
Can my support be anonymous?

Yes. Click I Want to be an Anonymous Supporter and Do not Receive any Reward button. The promoter won’t have access to any of your personal data. 

However, if you select this option the promoter will no longer be able to send you the reward or thank you for your support directly.

PayPal: How can I validate my PayPal account?

To validate your PayPal account and turn it into a Verified status, it is necessary to associate a valid credit card belonging to the accountholder. 

For more detailed information, see PayPal verification FAQ.

Paypal: Do I have to use the credit card for payments at Paypal?
For more information on Paypal see
Paypal: My support was blocked by PayPal.
What should I do? When trying to debit your account, PayPal interrupted the operation and informed us of a error. The most common errors are:
  • Your PayPal account does not show the “Verified” status;
  • Your credit card has expired;
  • You do not have an associated bank account or enough funds in the PayPal account.
How can I solve the situation? Access your PayPal account, log in and complete the pending information requested by PayPal. Afterwards, contact us, so that we can follow up your payment instruction to PayPal.
Will I receive any message concerning the projects I have backed when time limit expires?
Yes. You will receive an email letting you that the project has ended.You can also find these projects in your private area in the “Supported Projects” tab.
Can I change the amount of my support?
No. However, if you want to support a project with a higher value you can make other support on the same project.
Can the support pledged to a project be considered an investment?

The support in the crowdfunding system is never considered as an investment. It is a cooperative support that entitles you to a reward.


Who defines the rewards?

The promoter.

What can be offered as a reward?

The rewards should be related to the project, and they could be products or services. Are not eligible cash rewards, profit or in the form of shares in a company.

The promoter is obligated to define dates for completion and delivery of rewards?
Yes, to be transparent with his supporters.
Who is responsible for delivering the rewards?

The project creator is responsible for delivering the rewards.

When the project ends, Massivemov sends a questionnaire to all the supporters asking them for the necessary information to receive their rewards. This information is then provided to the promotor so that he can send the corresponding rewards.

About Projects

General information
The promoter presents a project with the definition of the intended amount of support and a the time for fund raising.
When the time limit initially defined by the promoter expires, he receives all the funds raised until that time and is obligated to deliver the rewards.
Funds are paid:
  • The amount is directly transferred from the supporters PayPal account to the promoter’s PayPal account.
Reward delivery:
  • The promoter receives funds and executes the project.
  • Rewards must be delivered to the existing supporters using the Support List provided by Massivemov.
What is a Flexible Campaign?
Massivemov promotes Flexible Funding Campaigns. This means that the promoter defines a funding goal amount and duration time and at the end of that time the promoter gets all the funds raised until that time, even if the amount is inferior to the amount set as goal. The promoter, by Submitting the project and receiving the funds accepts and declares that is responsible and able to execute and deliver the rewards to the existing supporters, no matter the raised value or in the proportion to said supporters.
What are the deadlines and values ​​for the project publication?
  • Up to 60 days;
  • The minimum value is 2000 Euros
I have to define a budget for my project?
Yes. By preparing a budget for your project you are being clear and transparent concerning the amount of support required.
All the submitted projects are published?
No. All  submitted projects are subject to a preliminary analysis of Massivemov.
After project analysis, what type of feedback can I have?
You will be contacted by Massivemov with:
  • Additional questions, if there are doubts about the project;
  • Or the communication of the acceptance and publication at Massivemov, or non-acceptance of the project.

Project Promotion

How can I promote my project?

Use your contact network to gather more backups, thinking on creative ways to activate and promote your project. Use the potential of the social networks – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc? to reach even more people.

What tools can I use to promote my project on social networks?
On your project? page you can Share and Embed your project through the social networks, and also invite friends via email.
I don? have an Facebook account or other social networks.
How can I promote my project?

It’s essential to have accounts on social media, to reach even more people.

After the Publication of the Project

Can the project be changed after being posted?

No, however, you can upgrade it with additional information such as images, videos and relevant content about the project, using the Updates menu.

How can I have access to the projects information that I submitted?

In the user area on the My Projects menu you can always have access to all projects you have already submitted at Massivemov, together with all data connected to them.

If my project meets the funding goal before the time limit, can I ask for its ending?

No. The time limit must be respected till the end. Besides, this is an excellent way of gathering extra funds.

What? the use of making Follow-up at the end of the projects?

The promoters with well-succeeded projects must make a follow-up on the finished project showing the results achieved. This procedure will reinforce the responsibility and commitment assumed by the promoter and it is the best way to keep your supporters informed.

Can I cancel my project?

Yes, during the project time limit. For that, it is necessary to send an email to [email protected] where you should explain the reasons for cancelling the project. Your arguments will then be forwarded to all backers who have already contributed to the project.

Can I post more than one project at Massivemov?

Yes, but never simultaneously.

What is Project Acceleration Stage?
Project Acceleration Stage is the initial period, after the project is published, of communication and sharing done by the project’s promotor in his own network.
This initial goal will allow to generate more trust in the crowd once the project appears on the main page.
This period may vary from 5% to 10% of support percentage.
Massivemov reserves the right to determine the necessary support percentage needed, depending on the project’s goals.

About Pledges and Costs

How will the promoter receive the funds?
The promoter has to have a Premier account if he is a private individual, or a Business account if he represents a company. Only these statuses will allow him to receive PayPal transactions. So, the promoter needs to update his PayPal account before present his project to Massivemov. This proceeding is free and can be done at The promoter will receive the money on his PayPal account if the project reaches the funding goal. Since the amount comes from several backers, it may not be received in only one transaction. The process may take place till 30 days after the ending of the project? deadline. When the amount is transferred to the promoter, it was already tax-deducted by PayPal: The EURO is Massivemov’s pre-defined currency. However, if the project is backed by people from other countries outside the Euro zone, the pledge can be in another currency. If there are backups made ​​in other currencies, these will remain pending in the promoter? PayPal account. To complete the transaction of these funds,  the promoter needs to authorize the transaction and also authorize the debiting of the currency exchange tax charged by PayPal to the receiver of the amount.
What are PayPal charges?

For more information consult PayPal charges list at charge is covered by the promoter and never by the backers in case the project succeeds.

What is the fee charged by Massivemov?
Massivemov charges a fee of 10% of the total amount raised and paid to the promoter if the project doesn’t reach the asked amount.
Or 5% if the amount asked is reached.
Can I be liable to tax related to the destination my project funds?
In Portugal: If you are a private individual and supported a project of another private individual or company, you are not liable to any tax. You can, eventually, deliver an informal statement with the backed amount so that the company which receives it can justify that specific income. If you are a company or sole trader and taxable person (VAT), and have backed a project up to ?0, you are legally obligated to declare that support as offer/sponsorship and are VAT free. From that amount up, if the object of your offer/sponsorship was not subject to VAT deduction, it’s not necessary to pay VAT as in money offers according to f) nr.3 Article 3?from CIVA[1]. ____________ [1] VAT code
Can I be liable to tax on funds received from supporters?
In Portugal: If you are a private individual and have received funds, you do not have any tax liability concerning VAT, as long as funds do not surpass the limits established in Article 53 from CIVA which defines the range of exemptions. For tax purposes, you should declare the funds connected to the sole act framework, as stated in i) and h) from nr2 Article 3 of CIRS.[1] If you are a company and have received funds, you should declare the amount raise as income according to Corporate Income Tax. Concerning VAT, it will depend on the offer/sponsorship type.
[1] Tax code