Massivemov is a reward based funding platform that promotes creative projects.
These Guidelines explain the core rules to use Massivemov, to create and fund projects.
I – Project Requirements
I.I – A project has to have a clear goal, and answer the following questions:
  • What is the project?
  • What are your goals?
  • What? the promoter experience?
  • How and when are you going to fulfill the project goals?
  • What has already invested on the project?
 I.2 – The project must have tangible rewards such as products, services, unique and exclusive experiences, result of the project.
Non-eligible rewards:
  • Cash rewards;
  • Participation in the companies capital;
  • Profit or capital interests;
  • Offensive material.
I.3 – It? required a video presentation of the project:
  • Introduce yourself, tell us who you are;
  • Introduce the project and why you want to do it;
  • Explain why you need the funding and what you will do after get funded;
  • Show the rewards to the supporters;
  • Thank all the supporters.
I.4 – The promoter must be identifiable as the project promoter in order to generate trust among supporters.
  • Have a profile photo;
  • Fill the biography field;
  • Have a Facebook personal account.
2 – Eligible Projects
Projects that fit into the areas Product / Service (e.g. design, furniture and sports, etc.) ; Artistic (categories: music, cinema and photography, etc.) and SOcial Entrepreneur ( has described in the FAQ section).
You can suggest new categories that don’t exist to be analyzed by Massivemov.
3 ?Non-eligible:
  • Projects that provide incomplete answers to Massivemov questions;
  • Politically related projects or connected to ideological or religious movements;
  • Projects that present a racist, violent, abusive and/or calumnious content or purpose;
  • Projects that undermine the physical or material integrity of the promoter or his supporters;
  • Projects which present parts of works protected under intellectual property;
  • Projects that already exist in other crowdfunding platforms;
  • Charity, cause or personal funding projects.