Terms of Use

Welcome to Massivemov! We remind you that the access to this website content depends on the agreement with these terms of use. These terms of use based on Portuguese law establish and define the terms and conditions of massivemov.com website usage By accessing or using the Massivemov website according to the terms described herein you are legally bound to accept the Terms, conditions and other policies set forth by Massivemov, including: Massivemov Privacy Policy, Massivemov Guidelines and information published in the FAQ section. Massivemov accepts creative projects from private individuals and small companies. Massivemov uses a Flexible Campaign model: The promotor starts by creating a project, defines a funding goal and a duration. At the end of the duration, the promotor receives all the funds raised. The promotor, if able to execute the project with the funds raised, is the only responsable to deliver the rewards; The promotor, if not able to execute the project with the funds raised, is the only responsable to return the support amount to each supporter. In both cases, the promotor will use the tools of Follow-Up given by Massivemov to publicly in the project page, update the progress of the execution of the project. If the promoter does not comply with the FAQ and Guidelines, Massivemov will block the project, publish the information of the promoter non-compliance with the agreement and contact the competent authorities. Who can use Massivemov?
  • Anybody of any age or nationality. However, project creation and backing is restricted to people above 18 years old.
What projects can be eligible?
  • Every creative project that aims at the creation of value for the promoter, for the backers and for society as a whole, can be eligible.
Non-eligible projects:
  • projects that provide incomplete answers to the questions posed by Massivemov;
  • politically related projects or connected to ideological or religious movements;
  • projects that present a racist, violent, abusive and/or calumnious content or purpose;
  • projects that undermine the physical or material integrity of the promoter or backers;
  • projects that incite discrimination;
  • projects which present parts of works protected under intellectual property without previous consent;
  • projects that already exist or were subsequently created in other crowdfunding sites.
If any of these situations occurs, Massivemov reserves itself the right to block the project running on the platform.
If you do not agree with these conduct rules, you should not use this website.